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Last Updated: May 1, 2018

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You promised weekly updates May 1 2018 8:10 AM

Sorry that I couldn't update the Super Site last week. I can't work on the site from home since I'm grounded as of now. The only time I get is during first period English class, but I'm busy finishing my research project on JavaScript.

My grounding has forced me to find other ways to entertain myself. I've had nothing to do but draw and listen to CDs for the past week. That might make for a good update, The Grounding: Sketchbook Pack.

In other news, I've ordered an audio interface so that my band (currently made up of two people) can start making music without having to find other band members that are willing to play such technical pieces. Anyway, I'll talk to you guys later.

MSS: Season 3 April 16 2018 6:37 PM

It's been a while. How are you? You might have noticed the excessive absence of the Super Site in recent times. That's because I forgot to pay the bill for my domain. I had to wait for it to be released back into the market before I could buy it once more. I won't be making that mistake again.

The comeback of the Super Site is paired with this brand new design. It was a lot of work, but a lot of work that really paid off. The previous designs were based off of Dead Karl's 2004 era website, but this time I wanted to go the more original route with a brand new design.

While I still haven't gotten into responsive design territory, this page is already pretty semantic so implementing that in the future shouldn't be too hard.

If you're reading this, I just have to thank you for your patience with me. I promise this will get more use than it did in its previous incarnation.

Season 3?

Yeah, Season 3. There were two older designs, both borrowed from (stolen if you will) the same website. With this being the third design, I thought it would be cool to name it Season 3.

Whatever the case, I hope the best for all of you. The future is brighter now than it has ever been.